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Facts that you need to know about liposuction without surgery

Liposuction, be it with the help of a surgery or without it is a procedure that is widely used across the world for removing excess and unwanted fats from an individual’s body which in turn adds to the physical appearance of an individual. It helps individuals lose weight. It is far more effective as compared to the commonly used measures for losing weight such as maintaining a proper diet and exercises.

Non-Surgical Liposuction is a procedure by virtue of which an individual loses weight without the need for any sort of surgery what so ever. This is carried out by removing the cellulite and fat in the body of an individual. The type of non-surgical liposuction to be used depends on the area of the body on which it is to be applied.

Comparison with surgical liposuction

As compared to surgical liposuction, non-surgical liposuction is a lot cheaper as no such surgery is involved. Thus, there’s no need for any sort of anesthesia and you don’t need to get admitted in a hospital as well. These reduce the expenses by a fair deal. The payment plans offered by these non-surgical measures make them a lot more affordable as compared to the surgical means. As it is a cosmetic procedure, none of the insurance companies will be willing to pay for the expenses. However, to make these a lot more affordable, you will often come across free consultations. TO top it all, you will also find various finance schemes that will in turn fit your budget.

Benefits of non – surgical liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction carries with it all the advantages of the surgical methods except for the fact that the time required is a bit more as compared to the surgical methods. You must go for several sessions of non – surgical liposuction as it dissolves the fats in your skin gradually. The number of sessions however depends on the amount of fat that has accumulated.

The major benefits that one can expect for a non – surgical lipo are as follows:

  • Rapid Healing:

As compared to the surgical methods, your body suffers the minimum possible swelling or bruising. This ensures rapid healing. However, no bandages are required as there are no open wounds.

  • Affordability:

Unlike the surgical liposuction procedures, these are not very expensive and thus affordable by most individuals.

  • No Sedation:

As there is no operation involved, the patient need not be sedated as a result, unlike the surgical methods, this procedure doesn’t carry with it the risks of sedation.

  • Results:

The cosmetic results such procedures offer is a lot smoother as compared to the surgical methods as it involves dissolution of small amount of fats.


Unlike the surgical procedures, these do not involve any form of anesthesia what so ever. This ensures minimum time for recovery. So, the patient no longer needs to wake up from a liposuction procedure drowsy and dizzy. Under most circumstance, the patient ought to come across a bit of soreness in the region the non-surgical liposuction has been conducted. All the patient needs to do is make an appointment for the particular doctor and visit him or her accordingly. He or she will be able to walk out from his or her non-surgical liposuction session in a matter of hours.

Are you eligible?

Well, there is no standard framework as far as the eligibility criteria for a candidate of non-surgical liposuction is concerned. However, as per the latest arguments and debates, an individual who is of sound health, over 18 years of age ought to be a good candidate for the procedure.


Over the years, the results produced by non-surgical liposuction procedures have by far out weighted the results produced by the surgical methods. Though the results are long lasting and permanent, the time required for the treatment is considerably high. An individual needs to go for numerous sessions. The number of sessions solely depends on the area of the body to be operated and the amount of fat to be removed. Unlike the surgical methods, you won’t come across any sort of bruising or swelling. However, there will be a bit of soreness in the area the procedure was carried out. This procedure is so simple and easy that the patient can walk in, get the liposuction done and walk out on the very same day.

You will have to go for regular checkup after the nonsurgical procedures have been carried out. This is done to ensure that the procedure worked as well as to check as to whether any other area of your body needs attention. One thing must be kept in mind at the time of going for a non-surgical procedure, i.e., more than one type of procedure might be required at a time. After the procedure has been carried out, there will be a noticeable change in the appearance of the patient within a week or so. This change will be a direct result of the loss of weight.

3 Most effective procedures

As mentioned earlier, liposuction without surgery comes with several advantages. The top 3 procedures that are widely used all across the globe are:

  • Vela Shape:

This form of liposuction originated from Europe. This device aims at increasing the metabolism of the subcutaneous fatty layer of the skin and thus reduce the size of the fat cells. It makes use of infrared light, heat rollers, skin suction and radio frequency to increase the rate of metabolism. This procedure is not only free from any sort of side effects what so ever but at the same time, it is extremely effective as it makes use of the natural processes of the body itself. This procedure aims at giving the patients a drastic lymphatic drainage which in turn aids in diminishing the appearance of the cellulite present in your skin. However, these procedures are time consuming. You ought to repeat the procedure several times in order to get noticeable results.

  • Zerona Laser Slimming Treatment:

This treatment procedure involves six low level laser exposure each of which are of 40 minutes each. You have to go this therapy every second day for a period of about 2 weeks. This is perhaps the best option for individuals looking for long lasting results yet and not willing to carry the expenses of a surgery. However, let me remind you, just like any other non-surgical procedure, this is time consuming.

  • Lip dissolve:

This cosmetic procedure originated in the United States produces drastic long term results. It is aggressively marked and till date not approved by the FDA.

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