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Everything you need to know about laser liposuction


About Laser Liposuction

What is laser lipo?

Just like any other form of liposuction, it is used to remove excess fat from an individual’s body. This process removes fats from the unwanted regions by liquefying it with the help of heat energy. This fat (liquefied) is either absorbed by the body or removed by suction. This is a plastic surgery procedure and thus meant for improving an individual’s physical appearance. It is often referred to as laser lipo, laser guided liposuction, and laser assisted lipolysis and smart Lipo. Though this technique of removing unwanted and excess fats from an individual’s body is quick and extremely effective, just like any other form of surgery, there is a considerable amount of risk involved. These are often accompanied by extremely harmful side effects.

Its functioning

Lipo Laser can be carried out in two ways. Discussed below are the two way in which such a form of liposuction can be carried out:

  • The first type can be divided into three simple steps. It focuses on the deep fats, the laser breaks down the cell walls which in turn makes way for the fatty oils to escape. This in turn results in the disruption of cell which can then be easily removed. After the deep fat cells have been removed, the laser is used on the superficial layer, the layer just below the skin. It heats the cells of the layer which leads to the stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen. This is done so as to improve the quality of your skin. After these two steps have been carried out successfully, the fragmented cells may be removed.
  • The second type is quite similar to the first except for the fact that in this type, the fragmented cells are not removed. Instead, they are allowed to mix with the other body cells. This type is generally carried out on areas where the layer of fat is not very thick. This type is used in the event that an individual’s needs a bit of skin tithing.


The major benefit of this surgery is that it is the fastest and the easiest way to get rid of unwanted and excess fats. The results thus obtained are permanent under most circumstances.

Risk Involved

No matter how safe doctors proclaim it to be, lipo laser at the end of the day is a surgery and all the possible risks of a surgery hold good. Under most circumstances, this procedure is 100% safe and secure in the event that an extremely experienced doctor carries out the entire procedure. The risk involved goes up with the increase in area that is to be operated. The risk also increases if more than one area is to be treated. The major side effects of this form of liposuction are listed below:

  • Shade of your skin:

Laser Liposuction has been known to cause permanent color changes to an individual’s skin. If this change persists for a few weeks after the surgery, then you can’t get back the previous shade of your skin without the help of another operation. This is one of the rarest side effects of this surgery but at the same time, it must be taken into account that it brings about a permanent change.

  • This surgery is often accompanied by bruising, swelling, numbness and soreness. Though these side effects are temporary, they can cause quite a bit of hassle in the initial stages.
  • Minor scarring and irritation in and around the region that was operated.
  • Though under most circumstances, the skin of the region that was operated remains in a state of tension, there have been certain cases were the skin hangs loose post-surgery resulting in rippling and baggy skin.
  • Liposuction has been known to cause permanent damage to the nerve cells of an individual’s body. The heat that is generated at the time of the surgery make cause irritation in the skin and often results in superficial burning.
  • In the event that the surgery isn’t 100% successful, the surface of the skin that underwent the surgery often remains uneven.

Criteria’s for the surgery

This surgery must be carried out by individuals who fit into the following criteria’s:

  • The laxity of the skin must range between mild and moderate.
  • The excess fats must occur in moderate amounts

Customer Reviews

Most customers were overwhelmed with the results they obtained from laser liposuction. However, a handful of customers feel that the surgery is too expensive.

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