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Everything you need to know about double chin surgery

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About double chin surgery and how it is performed

Most individuals concerned with their facial profile go for this form of surgery. The reason behind this being the fact that the fats highly reduces an individual’s youthful appearance. After following several diets and schedules, you ought to realize that double chin surgery is perhaps the best option for removal of this extra fold. Such a surgery is carried out by placing an incision under an individual’s chin such that it is easily hidden. This is stitched using dissolvable strings and must be kept under protection for several weeks after the surgery. This is followed by elevation of the skin of the neck. In the event that you have extra fat below your chin, it is either removed by the process of liposuction or at times removed directly. In the event that the patient has a recessive chin, chin implant might be a good option as it imparts a more prominent look to your chin.


Well, the benefits of this measure for removing double chin are way more than the others. It provides individuals with a long term and permanent solution to the problem. This surgery is accepted by doctors all-round the globe and is indeed the fastest and perhaps the safest solution. However, there are a few things that you must consider before you go for such a surgery. The most important thing that you must take into account is the reputation of the plastic surgeon whom you will be visiting. Going to a reputed surgeon ensures that the surgery won’t end up creating a menace.

The major benefits of this surgery as far as an individual’s physical appearance is concerned are as follows:

  •  It causes a reduction of double chin and in most cases completely removes it.
  • This surgery gives a well-defined angle to your neck.
  • It also causes reduction in the fullness of your neck.

Over the years, the field of cosmetic surgery has undergone several drastic changes. These changes have not only made these surgeries safer but at the same time, a lot more effective. Facelift, a type of chin surgery that used to be accompanied by a wide array of side effects is now 100% safe and individuals all round the world have widely accepted double chin surgery.

How to understand whether an individual is a good candidate for this surgery?

There has been a lot of debate and argument on this topic over the years. However, after several years of debate and argument, doctors have come to a conclusion about the criteria’s necessary for an individual to be a good candidate for this surgery. Any individual concerned about his or her double chin irrespective of his or her age is eligible for a double chin surgery. However, if an individual is concerned about his or her jaw line, cheek area and jowls and is looking for improvements, this surgery is not recommended. A facelift surgery is recommended for such individuals.

Side effects and alternatives to surgery

No surgery is 100% safe irrespective of their captions. What individuals must realize that a double chin is the natural occurrence of their face and to tamper with that may give rise to trouble which in most cases does. Individuals should stop looking at their double chin as a menace that needs to be fixed. It a part of their face after all, a face gifted by Mother Nature. Just like any other form of surgery, a double chin surgery is accompanied by several side effects. These surgery may result in deformations or threatening infections. In addition to these, the fat will keep accumulating under your chin area and the money that you had spent on surgery will be a complete waste. A surgery is always the last option as it is extremely expensive and requires the utmost expertise.

The best possible solution to this problem is avoiding it. Double chin occurs due to the accumulation of fat under your chin, if an individual maintains a proper diet and has healthy, then he or she in all probability won’t come across a double chin in the first place. You may come across double chin even after a double chin surgery as the fat accumulates over the years.

Getting rid of double chin at your home

One ought to come across several creams and ointments that promise a young looking skin but none of these are effective. If an individual is looking for a homemade cure for his or her double chin, then the following conditions must be considered:

  • Eating healthy:

One must try and avoid processed food. Eating healthy food ensures minimum fat accumulation and thus is an effective precaution against double chin.

  • Drinking lots of water:

This keeps the body hydrated.

  • Exercise:

Perhaps the best means to keep an individual’s skin clean and young looking.
These homemade measures are way better than a double chin surgery.

Recovery after chin liposuction

In the event that your double chin surgery is successful, recovery takes about a few weeks. The stitch marks won’t remain as well.

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