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Recent Improvements Of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method that has been popular for the last few years with a storming result. It can reduce your fat permanently from a targeted region that has enough pliable fat to draw into the applicator. The Coolsculpting method is approved by the FDA in 2009 and since then, it has been applied to a million patients with a successful result. In 2014, it has been approved by the FDA for abdominal and thigh region.

This technology has improved itself from the last few years and the change is in a noticeable amount that has drawn the attention of everyone. First of all, the targeted areas are marked by the doctor or technician mostly on the abdomen, thigh, hips and other regions. A suction cup is applied to that marked area to start the procedure.

When the applicator is placed on the areas,  suction with high pressure takes place and pull the tissue in that area by the applicator. A definite temperature is maintained to destroy the fat cells and at the same time, care is also taken for the skin to prevent any kind of damage or harmful effects.

For the last few years, people have been reported to have a significant and satisfactory change in their body through this procedure. Moreover, it is a non-invasive procedure. Most of the people just want to avoid going under the knife and this is the best alternative for those.

Generally, it takes one hour for each area in every session. So, when you are going to Coolsculpting in more than one area (generally people need to do two areas like both the arms or two parts of the abdomen), the duration will be two to three hours that are uncomfortable for many. Nowadays, there’s also a facility to save time by using two devices at at time that cuts the time in half.

With each session, 20-25% of fat is reduced every time. So, most of the people who are satisfied with the outcome generally go for a second treatment. You can almost achieve the same result like the liposuction procedure, even without the risk.

After the Coolsculpting procedure is done, the nurse or the associates will massage the area that has been proven to speed up the fat reduction process. There’s no other prescribed pill or medicine (except some medicines for sudden pain) and you just need to take care of your body and wait for the result. In most of the cases, the changes are noticeable within a month, but it may take up to four or five months to reach the desired result as different people can react to the same procedure with different time.

You can maintain your diet and exercise routine because sometimes gaining weight soon after the Coolsculpting procedure may ruin the result partly or fully. The changes will not be prominently visible if you start storing fat again. However, the Coolsculpting procedure will slow down the process of storing fat again in those treated areas.

Still now, the Coolsculpting procedure has some limitations like it can not be done in the neck or chin areas or the breast regions and ankles.  There are restrictions applying Coolsculpting procedure on gynecomastia, or such as well. However, research is going on rapidly to develop this technology to overcome all the limitations.


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