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Is coolsculpting completely safe or are there any side effects?

People are constantly on the lookout for methods of getting slimmer. More than half the population of this world suffers from obesity. Obesity might not be morbid, but most people tend to have unnecessary body fats at some part or the other. Liposuction is a very effective method of removing fat from body and has provided successful results all over the world. But this process requires removal of fat surgically and hence can prove to be quite costly and can also have certain side effects. Thus hunt for a better and non surgical alternative began and in 2010, a new method came into existence which was termed as Coolsculpting. It is tagged as the safest method of fat removal as it does not require surgery and is also said that there are no coolsculpting side effects which is unfortunately not entirely true.

What is it?

Coolsculpting, as the name suggests, is a form of sculpting one’s body by implementing the simple technique of cooling. In other words, coolsculpting means removal of fat from body by cooling and crystallizing the fat which is then removed by metabolic processes. The body part which has excess of fat is cooled to a temperature which crystallizes the fat but does not damage the cell tissues. When the fat is crystallized, it gets automatically removed from the body with help of body metabolism. It sounds to be a very safe and non hazardous method of removing body fat. It is definitely safer than most other processes as it does not require any forms of surgery or medication thereby reducing chances of side effects, but there are coolsculpting side effects.

These side effects are not presented to the people nor is it mentioned by doctors as the side effects are not quite hazardous, but one must know every detail before deciding to apply the process. Only proper knowledge can help you decide whether you wish to go through with the process or not.

Side effects

The very purpose of undertaking coolsculpting is to remove fats and look better and fitter, but what if the whole purpose of this method is lost after undergoing it? It has been seen in certain cases that after undergoing coolsculpting, the person’s skin becomes saggy, especially in those parts which has undergone fat removal. It has been noticed that sagginess increases as time passes because with time, more and more fats are removed through metabolic activities. Fats are responsible for giving a firm look to our skin, and hence removing it can sometimes result in sagginess, especially if your skin has a tendency to be saggy. It is one of the biggest coolsculpting side effects.

Even though there aren’t any health related coolsculpting side effects, but sometimes people have reported feeling uncomfortable after it. Also, it is stated that the process is pain free, which is not entirely true as one can feel cramped and tingling sensation. So it is best to consult a doctor before deciding to undergo coolsculpting.

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