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Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers About Coolsculpting


As Coolsculpting is still a new invent for many and people haven’t got their answers yet, it becomes obligatory to know more things if you are thinking of going through this procedure. Here are some of the questions people generally asked about it and their answers to speed up your search.

Question: Is one time Coolsculpting enough for you?

Answer: Some questions like the one we are discussing here are the most frequently asked questions by the patients. There are multiple cycles of Coolsculpting and the treatment plan is also different for all, so you must have wondered how many cycles of Coolsculting are needed or is one-time Cool sculpting enough for you. Let us focus on some points and you will get your answers.

  • How many areas you need to reshape? Is it just one or many? This is an important thing to consider as each of the areas need almost one hour to complete a session. Whether the Coolsculpting procedure will provide the best result only by once or you need a continuous session, it completely depends on you. It also depends on what you want. If you are satisfied with the result by one time, you do not need a second treatment. However, it is said by the doctors or physicians that the Coolsculpting procedure can remove 20-30% of the fat by freezing the fat with each treatment. Is that all you want or do you need more improvement? It fully depends on you.
  • Most of the people go for a second treatment if they are satisfied with the procedure and if they want more of the result.
  • You can go to a board-certified doctor or physician or a counselor to know about your treatment plan, They will examine you to find out if you are eligible for this process and according to your desired goal, they can suggest you if you need a second treatment.
  • If you are looking forward to going for a second treatment, you must have enough pliable fat to effectively suck by the applicator or the device. Your body needs to be qualified enough to go through a second treatment. So, in most cases, one time of Coolsculpting should be enough for you.
  • The cost is another factor to consider before deciding your treatment plan. Is the money worth a second treatment or have you got what you wanted in the first attempt? Ask yourself.

Hope you have got your answer. Let us know what is your opinion about a second treatment or share your personal thoughts about Coolsculpting in the comment section.

Question: Am I qualified for this procedure?

Answer: You need to consult your provider to examine your body or those targeted areas that need to be reshaped. They will check if you have noticeable stubborn fat to apply the Cool sculpting applicator for you.  You should also keep in mind that it is not a weight loss procedure.

Question: How much it will cost me?

Answer: It also depends on you and the charge of the doctors or technician. There are so many types of cycles and applicators depend on the targeted areas. You may need one or multiple cycles or you may need a small or large applicator. Generally, the costs start from $650 for only one area with a one-hour session.

Question: How long the session is going to be?

Answer: It generally takes one-hour for only one area. If you are going to Coolscupting your arms or love handles or lower abdomen, consider and divide your time into two parts. There are some facilities available in some places such as they have two devices to apply at a time to reduce the duration. You need to check all the available facilities before going through the procedure.

Question: Do my fats go forever?

Answer:  The Coolsculpting procedure is designed in a way to freeze the fat cells and thereby, disposing of the dead cells. The cells are digested by the white blood cells. So, once the fat is gone, it is gone forever. However, if you start gaining weight immediately or later, the changes will not be noticeable enough.

Question: Is it fully safe for my body?

Answer: It is completely safe and FDA-cleared procedure. Although it may have some side-effects, it has no long-term harmful effect on your body. The procedure has been done for more than a million of patients and proved completely safe for the body.

Question:  What will be my side-effects?

Answer: Yes, you can face some side-effects during and after the procedure is done. Most of the people have reported intense pain after some days of Coolsculpting. Numbness, tingling, redness and swelling are some common symptoms of Coolsculpting. It is always good to be prepared for these symptoms although some people just passed the procedure smoothly. You will find a lot of reviews of them on the web.

Question: How will I feel during the procedure?

Answer: You will feel pressure and cold for the first few minutes and after that most of the people just relax by watching television, listening music, or writing reviews on their blogs with their pictures. You will find a lot about how they feel on the internet.

Question: Is there any chances that I will end up with no result?

Answer: Except some rare cases, almost all the patients have noticed results within one month and some results may take time up to six months to show up. It also depends on you. If you start gaining weight soon after Coolsculpting is done, your difference will not be prominent that much. It is better to take photos to measure your changes and compare the before and after photos to check the change.

Question: Can I get back to my work immediately or do I need to take leave?

Answer: Some people just go back to their work immediately after the session id over. However, it depends on your tolerance level. It is suggested to take some rest as your body needs some time to recover after Coolsculpting.  People who face pain and other side-effects may continue their work with proper medicines and instructions.

Question: Do I need to follow a regular routine life after Coolsculpting?

Answer: If you start gaining weight, there’s also a chance that the fat may store again over the whole body, even in the targeted areas. So, it is up to you whether you would like to maintain your body by following the diet chart and exercise or not. You do not have to follow a mandatory diet routine,  nor there is any pill or supplementary prescribed by the doctor/technician once the Coolsculpting is done. There’s a high chance that you will be motivated by yourself when you will get your desired result through Coolsculpting.

You can add your questions,  or have your own opinion about the answers in the comment section. Let us know more about your questions and we will try to come up with the best possible answers.


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