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Is it possible to do CoolSculpting at home?


Cool sculpting is a new and improved technique of getting rid of the excess fat in your body. This technique however divulges in a different method which is less known and less conventional. CoolSculpting is a method by which you don’t burn out your fat but you freeze it. It may sound bizarre but it is the new trend and is claimed to be harmless. What is more interesting is that the latest word is that CoolSculpting at home is also possible and has been successfully performed by many.

Understanding CoolSculpting

In simple terms CoolSculpting involves an individual’s skin to be cooled for near about an hour. The underlying fat cell of the area which is cooled is directly killed off in this process. The thickness of the fat in the cooled region is reduced by a significant amount. There are professional techniques for this process also there is an alternative process that allows CoolSculpting at home.

Many scientific research papers have shown significant improvement in reduction of fat. As the treatment continues so will the positive effects of the treatment. On an average after three months of treatment it is seen that 30 to 80% of improvement is seen.

Common Misconceptions

Many concerns were shown as the process gained momentum. Many feared it would lead to frostbites and tried to term it as unsafe or unnatural. Others claimed it would harm the muscles and tendons also have regressive effects on the skin. All these beliefs are completely wrong. For frostbite to occur a much lesser temperature is needed and hence the chance of damage is negligible. And muscles and tendons will not at all be harmed by this technique the target is the fat cells not any other part. The cold is cold but not too cold so as to cause physically damage.

CoolSculpting at home

A lot of different techniques and methods can be tried as per different articles of those who have tried or are trying CoolSculpting at home. A common starting step is to try ice packs this at first may not seem like a bad option as the primary purpose is to cool the area but what needs to be remembered is that this cooling must be uniform and prolonged which a simple ice pack will be unable to provide. An interesting fact is that for the cells to die the optimum temperature needed is 39 to 44 degree Fahrenheit.

Another interesting technique developed was cooling with some aluminium plates and clamps. The steps were stated as follows:

  • Start by cooling the aluminium plates in the refrigerators and put the clamps in the freezer as well.
  • Put glycol in some water which acts as an agent to stop it from solidifying and then allow the glycol and water mixture to cool for a whole night in your freezer.
  • The gel packs which you have acquired need to sealed and again put in the refrigerator to be frozen over night. To seal the packs you may use zip lock bags as they are the safest option.
  • As mentioned before the optimum temperature is between 39 to 44 degree Fahrenheit so before you apply the water remember to check whether the temperature is ideal or not. If it is not you may end up causing damage to yourself.
  •  Place the gel packs in the water and glycol mixture to maintain the temperature of the packs.
  • A smarty idea would be to cover the targeted area with a cloth to protect it from harm.
  •  Now the purpose of the aluminium plates is to ensure that the fat of the target area is between the plates. This allows compression to take place, however care must be given in determining the level of compression.
  • The next step is pretty simple it calls upon the gel packs to be placed on the area on which fat loss is important then you simply have to monitor the temperature to make sure it is uniform.
  • Lastly you must ensure that the ice packs stay for an hour so that maximum results are achieved by the person.

The amount of effect CoolSculpting at home process has had is still not posted but the method seems pretty full proof. However it may kill off your natural adipose tissue so it’s best to avoid this.

Buying the body sculpting machine is a much better option, it is calculated buying the machine and doing it yourself and doing it at home is much cheaper than getting the treatment done at a clinic. It is safe and does not cause any harm to the person. The inspiration of this concept of cool sculpting at home came from children eating popsicles as a study showed it reduced their cheeks.

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