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Feel The Experience With Real People About Cool Sculpting

If you are looking for an answer on the internet and finally thinking of going through this Coolsculpting procedure, let us help you with the most important thing- What real people have experienced and their thoughts and suggestions about Coolsculpting. You must want to know all the inside truth about this procedure and find out the chances of success from others. Here are some of the reviews from real people who have gone through this procedure and shared their experience with us. We have explained them in our language to get all the details at a glance that you are looking for.

Aerilxx, who has gone through this procedure on July 12, 2016, was totally satisfied with her result. She had done cool sculpting for her upper stomach and shared her experience with us. She could not believe such a fast result and the wondering result of Coolsculpting. However, she also explained that it was quite an intolerable pain that you should be warned about before you go through this procedure. She has felt dizzy, vomiting and a highly intense level of pain. The pain will wear off on Day 10. Although she has explained her pain, she has recommended Coolsculpting to others because of the outcome. She said-“Extremely Painful, But Totally Worth It”.

Pam_Cake, a 42-year-old woman, she is also satisfied after having a total of six treatments. Most satisfactory part of her review is that she didn’t feel the pain as described above and just felt some discomfort. She even had a smooth removal of applicator while massaging her targeted areas. She had done her lower abdomen and flanks and looking forward to cool sculpting her arms and upper abdomen.

Bootyfull1, who is quite unhappy with this procedure because of the tremendous pain, has expressed her bitter experience with us. She has done Coolsculpting around her stomach and inner thighs and felt terrible pain. She hasn’t recommended the procedure as she had not expected such level of irritation and told not to waste money on cool sculpting

Mantua, NJ, another woman has shared her opinion about Coolsculpting. According to her, the pain does occur, but at a tolerable level. She has compared her result with the pain and the pain seems nothing because of a wonderful outcome. She can now sit without that flap of flab hanging. Quite happy and also looking forward to cool sculpting her love handles.

Surrey, BC, has another experience that might be useful for others looking forward to cool sculpting her full abdomen. She has gone through five cycles in one day, which she felt too much for one day. She has experienced a tolerable pain, but some tingling and massage that was quite horrible. Not only some symptoms during her procedure, but also she has ended up with a swollen stomach. Although this can happen to many like the technician warned her before. She has also gone through the small applicator with the cool-smooth at the center of her stomach and compared to other cycles, this was not at all uncomfortable and she just needed to rest a while.

Angela, a 24 years old girl with no kids, has gone through this procedure and have noticed a wonderful change in her lower abdomen. She had tried a lot of workout for the last three years with a routine diet, but nothing really helped her except Coolsculpting. She has needed four sessions of cool max. She has faced the same discomfort like the other after the nurse took off that large applicator and start massaging the areas. However, she has got her expected result after 6 weeks, although she had to face a lot of problems during her work with pain and irritation and had to take regularly prescribed medicine to lessen her pain.

We tried to collect all the experiences that may be useful for people who are still taking decisions whether to go through this procedure or not.  We ignored some experiences due to the similarity and nearly same description with above-mentioned reviews to let you know about different experiences.

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