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Cool sculpting costs and other details

Coolsculpting is the new kid on the block in terms of weight loss procedures. It was developed as recently as mid-2010 and became instantly popular as it was the most effective noninvasive procedure for weight loss found till date. After the invention of liposuction procedure, no one expected to find a more effective way of removing body fat. But liposuction required surgery and hence consequently needs anesthesia and incision as well as recovery time. Even though people were satisfied with the results, they started to look for a less hazardous process which will not require any surgery or incision and hence cool sculpting came into the scene. Being a noninvasive procedure, cool sculpting costs are lower than that of liposuction.


As mentioned earlier, cool sculpting is a nonsurgical, noninvasive process and hence does not require any incision or recovery time. In fact, the procedure can be over within an hour. In this process, a simple yet very effective principle is put into use. As we know, fats crystallize when cooled to a certain temperature, but at that temperature, body cells and tissues are not damaged. Coolsculpting puts into use this principle and crystallizes body fat by cooling down the parts with excessive fat. The crystallized fat then is removed from body automatically through metabolic activities. In this way, it is possible to isolate and remove fats present in excess without damaging any cell or tissue.


A device is used to pull up the body part to be treated within two panels and then the body part is cooled to the temperature required to crystallize the fat. During this process, the person will experience extensive cool sensation and can often feel cramped as well. But these sensations subside as that area becomes numb. The process takes over very quickly and can be completed within a couple of hours depending on the number of parts being treated. Due to this simple technique cool sculpting cost is quite less. Also, it is very convenient as it has a short operating time and no recovery time. But one must keep in mind that cool sculpting is not an instant result process like liposuction and result is seen over a period of time as the crystallized fats are removed from body slowly.

How much is cool sculpting?

It is the biggest question that haunts the mind of people. There are several fat reducing processes and apart from natural processes all other are quite expensive. It is the cost that discourages people from going on with it. Thankfully, cool sculpting, being a noninvasive process, which does not require any surgery, it is not as expensive as other medication or surgical processes. Cool sculpting price varies with different clinics. There are places which charge a very high rate while there are also places which charge a low rate. One’s motive should be to avail the best treatment for best results at a reasonable rate and this can be made possible by reading reviews of different people.

Most of the people like you feel at a loss with the price of CoolSculpting. It is quite natural if you are frustrated with the cost of CoolSculpting that is said to be the alternative of liposuction. Let us focus on some points that decide the price for you:

  • The cost of the CoolSculpting machine
  • Charge demanded or paid to the surgeon applying the technology
  • Disposables cost that is paid to the CoolSculpting company and not to the surgeon for sure
  • Some general cost (that should not be much)

Prices for every cycle:

  • Small applicators: If you are registered under a cycle of Coolcore (mainly used around the stomach areas and a common problem for women), Cool curve (Used mainly for one’s love handles), Coolfit or Coolmini (used mainly around fat areas like the inner thighs to smooth out irritating fat), you may need to start your budget from $ 700
  • Large applicators: The cycle of Coolmax (Used for volume reduction) is the most expensive one. It may cost you around $ 1200 for a cycle of one hour.

Note: You may need to apply large applicators with the small one to get the desired results or multiple cycles.

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